About Doublero

DeFi is a growing market that allows people to balance risk and reward. By investing in decentralized finance you can achieve higher returns than traditional investments, while avoiding risks commonly associated with cryptocurrencies.

By joining our pool of decentralized finance investments you can accrue your capital with other investors and achieve better and more stable returns over on-chain lending protocols.

How to Start

Earning With Doublero

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Create an Account

Creating an account is as simple as entering your email address and choosing a password.

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Make Investment

Invest using you preferred payment method. You can invest multiple times and different amounts.

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Relax&Enjoy Profit

After each successful investment you will start receiving an 8% DeFi yield each 12 hours until your yields will be doubled.

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Proof of Promotion

Promote your affiliate link and get commissions. Every referral investment yields a 7% affiliate commission.

Invite & Earn

Affiliate Marketing

Participate in the Proof of Promotion affiliate system and receive a 7% commission for inviting people to Doublero. Proof of promotion works by rewarding DeFi users for referrals they bring in. You will get a 7% cut from any and every DeFi made through Doublero by your referrals.

  • Proof of Promotion
  • Referral Rewards
  • DeFi affiliation
  • Unlimited earnings
  • 7% Affiliate Reward
  • Zero upfront cost
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User Method Amount Date
glen****@yahoo.com Dogecoin 120.00000000 DOGE 1 minute ago
mclaughlin**********@yahoo.com Perfect Money 15.00 USD 11 minutes ago
christop********@gmail.com Litecoin 0.08000000 LTC 25 minutes ago
greenho*******@yahoo.com ePayCore 40.82 USD 30 minutes ago
bartole*******@gmail.com Dogecoin 109.00000000 DOGE 40 minutes ago
roose*****@gmail.com Perfect Money 59.59 USD 49 minutes ago
cwu***@hotmail.com Perfect Money 17.04 USD 55 minutes ago
gbl***@gmail.com ePayCore 23.43 USD 1 hour ago
ror***@hotmail.com Perfect Money 23.51 USD 1 hour ago
adon****@yahoo.com Dogecoin 50.00000000 DOGE 1 hour ago
lyric.******@yahoo.com Dogecoin 164.00000000 DOGE 1 hour ago
victori*******@hotmail.com Bitcoin Cash 0.02500000 BCH 1 hour ago
mayert******@gmail.com Perfect Money 36.15 USD 2 hours ago
sarah.******@hotmail.com Perfect Money 59.16 USD 2 hours ago
beaulah*******@yahoo.com Bitcoin Cash 0.03148630 BCH 2 hours ago
lehner.*******@gmail.com Dash 0.12701686 DASH 2 hours ago
ber***@hotmail.com Dash 0.14249470 DASH 3 hours ago
hilda*****@gmail.com Dogecoin 50.00000000 DOGE 3 hours ago
elias*****@hotmail.com Dogecoin 66.00000000 DOGE 3 hours ago
adri****@yahoo.com Perfect Money 49.99 USD 3 hours ago
User Method Amount Date
rosa****@hotmail.com Dash 0.00805100 DASH 42 seconds ago
jem***@yahoo.com Dogecoin 6.88000000 DOGE 42 seconds ago
edn***@gmail.com Litecoin 0.02614936 LTC 1 minute ago
ww**@gmail.com Perfect Money 4.67 USD 3 minutes ago
kenna.******@hotmail.com Perfect Money 3.45 USD 3 minutes ago
greyson*******@yahoo.com Perfect Money 1.20 USD 4 minutes ago
hbr***@hotmail.com Perfect Money 4.91 USD 4 minutes ago
tmur****@gmail.com Bitcoin Cash 0.00270420 BCH 4 minutes ago
colin*****@yahoo.com Bitcoin Cash 0.00398143 BCH 4 minutes ago
smcg****@yahoo.com Litecoin 0.00560000 LTC 4 minutes ago
iw**@gmail.com Perfect Money 1.20 USD 5 minutes ago
ivo***@gmail.com Dash 0.01218837 DASH 6 minutes ago
dav***@hotmail.com Dash 0.00849347 DASH 6 minutes ago
kailee******@gmail.com Perfect Money 4.98 USD 6 minutes ago
van***@yahoo.com Perfect Money 1.20 USD 6 minutes ago
bel***@gmail.com ePayCore 1.68 USD 7 minutes ago
stoltenbe*********@hotmail.com Bitcoin Cash 0.00200000 BCH 7 minutes ago
cecil*****@hotmail.com Perfect Money 5.36 USD 7 minutes ago
dahlia.*******@yahoo.com ePayCore 2.13 USD 7 minutes ago
goyett******@yahoo.com Dogecoin 10.48000000 DOGE 8 minutes ago
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Investments
  • Withdrawals
  • Affiliate
  • Doublero is a permission-less DeFi lending platform that cuts off the blockchain fees and manages your lending yields for you. By joining our pool of decentralized finance investments you can accrue your capital with other investors and achieve better and more stable returns over on-chain lending protocols.

  • To start receiving DeFi yields, you must Create an account by entering your email address and password. At your account dashboad, select your preferred payment method and enter wallet ID where you want to receive you DeFi yields. After successful investment you will start receiving an 8% DeFi yield each 12 hours until your yields will be doubled.

  • At the moment we accept: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Perfect Money and ePayCore.

  • Anyone, from all over the world can become an investor and take part.

  • No, we do not charge any fees.

  • For Litecoin - minimum is 0.08 LTC
    For Bitcoin Cash - minimum is 0.025 BCH
    For Dogecoin - minimum is 50 BCH
    For DashCoin - minimum is 0.1 DASH
    For Perfect Money / ePaycore - minimum is 15 USD

  • Maximum investment amount is unlimited

  • Any amount less than minimum amount allowed is considered as donation and will not reflect as a valid investment.

  • Yes, you can have as many deposits as you want.

  • To withdraw your profit you must make a withdrawal request at your user dashboard. All withdrawals are being processed instantly.

  • No, we don't charge any fees for withdrawals.

  • No. We don't have any withdrawal limits.

  • To start promoting, first of all, you need to create an account or login to your account dashboard, where you will find your unique affiliate link. Share it in social networks, forums and with friends.

  • You will earn 7% affiliate commission for each referrals deposit.

  • No, you do not need to make a deposit to take part in our referral program.

  • For advertising purposes we offer ad banners which you can find in your account section. Feel free to use also another methods of attracing more referrals, like recording videos or even organizing seminars.

  • Affiliate commission will be counted to your balance as soon as your downline makes a deposit.